Steamed Dumplings



Writing out notes from the morning briefing, Sergeant Duke Lukela was aware of the noise from the squad room only on a peripheral level.  Concentration was slowly sapped from his duty as he heard loud guffaws and wolf calls which grew louder and more intrusive. Unable to work in his office adjacent to the area crowded with officers lingering from the last meeting, he finally surrendered to curiosity and irritation and with a huff abandoned his privacy.


On their morning break, several HPD personnel  were gathered around the TV set as they snacked.  The biggest and loudest of these men was Officer Nephi Hilton, a broad shouldered local with a hearty laugh.  When he spotted Duke, he waved his fellow sergeant over.


“Duke, you gotta see this.  Danny’s got himself into a real sweet deal this time.”


Some of the quieter comments were not so polite.  When Duke focused on the TV screen, he could see why there was such a commotion.  The youngest detective of Five-0 was on a street in one of the rough parts of town, it looked like, with a pretty, young Asian-Polynesian woman reporter.  Not the usual kind of press coverage, he soon realized.


“What is this?”


Yoshi Nakamura, one of the younger patrolmen, explained about the real-time TV show and much more about the attributes of Miss Kiki Chee.  Amused that Danny had landed an enviable assignment, and knowing how much the young officer would enjoy such a distraction, Lukela turned away to return to his office.  At the door, he looked back at the screen, anticipating the stories he would hear from Danny tomorrow, and the teasing Steve would level at his second-in-command.


Williams was now talking to a snitch, Lukela thought the old man’s name was Hap – Hap something.  The reporter and camera were not close to the conversation, so the information would not be revealed.   Curious, he lingered, wondering what a reporter would find so interesting about a street informer in an old neighborhood.


In an overly dramatic fashion, the reporter did what her kind did best – guessed – what the cop and his snitch were talking about. She made it sound like something out of a hard-boiled detective paperback.  Pressing the flesh with the unsavory element of our society.   Please! he scoffed, shaking his head at the embarrassment for Williams.  Although, he figured if anyone could turn this around to end up with a date with the girl, it would be Williams.


The reporter turned back to the camera, and spoke even more quietly. “Just so you know… I don’t want our brave police detective to get into any kind of trouble, but I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY that Danny is getting information about the Sands kidnapping at this very moment! It is distinctly possible that we’re witnessing the exchange of information which will break this case wide open, bringing to justice the perpetrators of this horrible crime!” She put her index finger to her lips in a hush signal and winked.


“What a stupid dame!” Lukela shot out.


“That’s gonna cost him,” Yoshi sighed.  “McGarrett won’t be happy about that.”


“It’s not Danny’s fault,” Hilton defended.


No, Lukela was certain the blame would be placed entirely on the guilty party when McGarrett heard about the foolish narrative.  That would be Chee, not Williams, but  the second-in-command would be right in the middle of trying to defuse a possible blow up with the press.


On screen, money was exchanged, with Williams handing over some bills to Hap.  It made the encounter seem important, suddenly, and Lukela doubted that Williams would expose a snitch, or himself, like this.  The whole incident was wrong, but he didn’t understand what it meant, exactly, but had a bad feeling it was headed for trouble.


Hilton gruffed, “She shouldn’ta said that.  Pilikia nui,” he growled.  “Gonna get Danny in trouble.”


“Who is this dame?”


“We told you,” a patrolman responded.


“I mean who does she think she is talking like that on the TV?” he asked to no one in particular in complete disgust.


“A reporter who’s gonna get Danny into nui pilikia,” Hilton repeated.


In the background of the shot, Hap melted away into a little liquor store down the street, no doubt spending the cash given him by the Five-0 officer.  Williams and Chee dominated the shot as they strolled down the street.  The girl kept prying for more information and the detective deftly kept changing the subject.


Interested in what would happen over this, knowing he would hear about it soon enough from the coconut wireless connecting HPD and Five-0, he drifted back to his office. 






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